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Hi! I am Harshita. I am a young passionate entrepreneur, programmer, and a designer. I left school 2 years ago to focus on coding and startups. I was the youngest intern at Salesforce in winter 2016. I attended MIT Launch 2017 where I co-founded Universeaty. I created Crypto Price Tracker app and launched it on 28th Jan, 2018. After a series of (unexpected) successes with the app, Redwood City Ventures acquired the app in March, 2018. It was also recently featured by Apple on the App Store.

I co-built Food AI, a food recognition app that can identify hundreds of types of food in an image. After being introduced to brain-computer interfaces (BCI) by a friend recently and talking about them all weekend with her, I decided to dive deeper into the area and I’m now spending my days reading papers on BCIs and building some non-invasive BCIs. My skillset includes iOS app development in Swift, UI and UX design. I'm currently learning Python and machine learning. My other intellectual interests include Math, biology, economics, and sometimes philosophy so I can understand more about this awesome world. The best way to connect with me is via email: harshita@harshitaapps.com

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Universeaty is a social platform that gives college students an easier way to create group cooking sessions by connecting users through a free app. I created Universeaty with a few friends at MIT Launch 2017. Check it out at universeatyapp.com

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Crypto Price Tracker

Crypto Price Tracker is an iOS app that helps users track prices of 1000+ cryptocurrencies from over 19 exchanges, set price alerts, and manage their portfolio. Within 24 hours of launch, the app was #2 in Finance category on the App Store top charts for paid apps. It was featured on Product Hunt. It was viral on Reddit as well. It received a lot of attention in media and news and was covered in Inc, The Daily Beast, YourStory, Times Of India, Bitcoin News, and many more media outlets. The app was acquired by Redwood City Ventures in March, 2018.

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